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Style Options

Each home has its own unique style, use this page to explore the different style options. Click the links for websites relating to the style.

The contemporary style is a sleek, modern look. It gives the space a simplistic look highlighting grays, whites, and beige colors.


The transitional style is a combination between modern and traditional. It gives the space a  minimalistic, monochromatic aesthetic.

The traditional style is a timeless with touches of vintage and rustic. It usually includes warm colors and symmetrical lines.

traditional 2.jpeg
Modern Living Room

The Mid-Century Modern design is a bold but minimal design. It usually features soft lines and modern shapes.

The rustic style is a natural and casual design. It creates a relaxing atmosphere with the use of wood, stone, and other organic elements.

farmhouse 2.jpeg

The farmhouse style is a simple and warm design. With the use of wood elements and white tones it gives the space an inviting feel.

The use of architectural designs creates an industrial style. The minimalistic design is highlighted through the use of pipes, bricks, and concrete.

industrail 2.jpeg

The Boho style is a free-spirited take on interior design. With the use of bold textures and colors as will as natural materials like wood and rattan. This creates a relaxed and comfortable space.

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